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      帝斯曼收購荷蘭Twilmij B.V,增強動物營養領域競爭力

      發布時間:2017-10-10 18:06:02

      9月22日,帝斯曼宣布收購荷蘭Twilmij B.V. (“Twilmij”)。帝斯曼在動物營養領域的戰略是為終端客戶提供產品組合及創新解決方案。通過收購Twilmij,帝斯曼在西北歐市場地位將得到增強,主要輻射市場區域是荷蘭中部以及靠近德國的區域。
      Twilmij成立于1963年,2016年銷售5萬噸預混料,營業額約7000萬歐元。Twilmij在動物營養領域的服務、敏捷的響應速度受到客戶和同行的一致好評。此次收購還包括Twilmij的關聯公司,Kwalipak B.V,Kwalipak B.V為飼料公司提供特色產品功能包。Twilmij的核心價值、客戶群和解決方案同帝斯曼在動物營養領域的愿景完美匹配。帝斯曼沒有透露收購涉及的金額,相關的資產重組會在未來2~3個月完成?!痉g:博亞和訊】
      DSM to acquire Twilmij B.V. to strengthen position in Animal Nutrition & Health
      Heerlen (NL), 22 September 2017

      Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials, announces the acquisition of Twilmij B.V. (“Twilmij”), a well-established Dutch nutritional solutions company in the animal feed sector.
      DSM’s strategy in Animal Nutrition & Health is to offer tailor-made solutions to its customers leveraging its product portfolio and innovation capabilities. With the acquisition of Twilmij, it will further strengthen its foothold in the Northwest-European markets. The geographic location in the middle of the Netherlands and close to the German border brings DSM closer to its customers and allows it to further improve its service levels.
      Since its inception in 1963, Twilmij has successfully grown its business to net sales of approximately €70 million (50,000 tons of premix production) in 2016. Twilmij is recognized by its customers and other stakeholders as an outstanding partner due to its excellent nutritional services, speed, and agility. The acquisition also includes Twilmij’s affiliated company Kwalipak B.V. which offers specialty small-pack solutions for specific applications for the feed industry. Twilmij’s core values, customer portfolio and solutions are a perfect fit with DSM’s ambitions in the animal nutrition & health market. Financial details will not be disclosed at this time.Subject to customary conditions, the transaction is expected to close in the next two to three months.

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